About Us

Green Resources is a holding organization focused on investments and trading opportunities in the mining sector.


We target companies and projects which are exploring and developing non precious mineral resources for diverse purposes: agriculture (fertilizers), digital technology, among others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between natural resources availability and market need for food and goods production.

Know How





Private impact



Know-how transfer

for public agents


Co-design and co-





Team Expertise

Capacity building

High potential for system and framework change and efficiencies, institutional strengthening and community empowerment.

Appropriate risk

Transactions that combine capital from impact first and financial first investors and catalytic instruments.

Phosphate operations experience

Includes JORC Competent Person (geologist) for phosphate with +10 years phosphate operations experience.

Project life cycle

Significant global phosphate experience through the complete project life cycle.

Government and Social

Strong local Government and Social relations.

Building solid trust and

strong partnerships